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Men of Letters

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The Boxing Issue

– Norman Mailer talks with his son, John Buffalo Mailer, about the beauty of a brutal sport and its importance to their family

Plus: Miles Davis turns to pugilism to escape addiction, and documentary filmmaker Ken Burns immortalizes Jack Johnson, the country’s first black heavyweight champion

Ode to the Midwest

– Our tribute to the Midwest features 16 pages dedicated to Kurt Vonnegut featuring original artwork, an essay and an expansive interview, which was one of Vonnegut’s last

Plus: Dave Eggers and Garrison Keillor on the virtues of a Midwest upbringing

The Downfall of American Publishing

– Hunter S. Thompson is the subject of a 48-page oral history with contributions from his colleagues and co-conspirators, including Ralph Steadman and P.J. O’Rourke

Plus: The stories of New Yorker founder H.W. Ross and publishing provocateur Grove Press

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